<span class="product-name">Richie Rail 20</span>

Product Details

General Information

Stairs and ramps for commercial, residential and public spaces, accessible routes.

Interior or exterior (with IP65/IP67 rated LED strip).

316 stainless steel rail and components (including wall brackets, post tops etc), marine-grade extruded aluminium, polycarbonate diffuser.

Satin or polished 316 stainless steel.

Light source
LED ribbon strip.

Power supply
24V DC – remote driver options ranging from 6W up to 320W.

Various options available including DALI, 0-10V, DMX – please enquire.


Mounting Options
  • Wall mounted
  • Post-top
  • New Zealand designed and made.
  • Hollow wall brackets that conceal power cable and don’t interrupt the LED strip or diffuser.
  • Uniform lighting (reduces or eliminates the appearance of LED ‘dots’ with opal diffuser).
  • Option for continuous emergency lighting, compliant to AS/NZS2293 with remote mounted emergency pack.
Diffuser Options
  • Opal polycarbonate

LED Strip Options

LED strip options vary depending on region – please consult your local distributor for more information. Other LED strip options are available on request, including IP67 and RGBW colour change.

All lumen values refer to the bare LED strip. Losses through diffuser/profile are not represented. Consult photometric data.

5 year manufacturer’s warranty on all LED strip options stated below.

Watts p/m Lumens p/m Colour temp Code
3W 310lm 2700K SUPER-03-27
330lm 3000K SUPER-03-30
345lm 4000K SUPER-03-40
7W 760lm 2700K SUPER-07-27
800lm 3000K SUPER-07-30
840lm 4000K SUPER-07-40
14W 1520lm 2700K SUPER-14-27
1600lm 3000K SUPER-14-30
1680lm 4000K SUPER-14-40
Components and accessories
Richie Rail 20
Wall bracket

WBRR-SS (Satin finish)

WBRR-SS-POL (Polished finish)

Handrail, 316 stainless steel

HR-RR20-SS (Satin finish)

HR-RR20-SS-POL (Polished finish)



Handrail end cap

EC-RR20-SS (Satin finish)

EC-RR20-SS-POL (Polished finish)

Straight joiner

JN-ST-RR20-SS (Satin finish)

JN-ST-RR20-SS-POL (Polished finish)

90 degree joiner

JN-90-RR20-SS (Satin finish)

JN-90-RR20-SS-POL (Polished finish)

Variable angle joiner, down

JN-VD-RR20-SS (Satin finish)

JN-VD-RR20-SS-POL (Polished finish)

Variable angle joiner, up

JN-VU-RR20-SS (Satin finish)

JN-VU-RR20-SS-POL (Polished finish)

Joiner tube, for welded systems only

JN-TUBE-RR20-SS (Satin finish)

JN-TUBE-RR20-SS-POL (Polished finish)

90 degree joiner tube, for welded systems only

JN-90-RR20-W-SS (Satin finish)

180 degree joiner tube, for welded systems only

JN-180-RR20-W-SS (Satin finish)

End cap for blank tube, for welded systems only

EC-TUBE-RR20-SS (Satin finish)

EC-TUBE-RR20-POL (Polished finish)

Post top bracket

PTBRR-SS (Satin finish)

PTBRR-SS-POL (Polished finish)

Glass mount bracket

GMBRR-SS (Satin finish)

Emergency pack (for use with SPEC-15-40-2.5-40-EME LED strip only)


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