Profile FAQs

What lengths do the profiles come in?

They are 4000mm long, but can be cut to any size desired. Anything over 4000mm can be joined using our joiner accessories. There’s really no limit on how long you can go!

Can Offspring Profiles products be used outside?

Most products can be used in an exterior application when used with an IP65 LED strip. Please discuss your project requirements with your local distributor to find out more.

Can the profiles be powder coated in custom colours?

Yes, most of our profiles can be powder coated in a colour of your choice. Please consult your local distributor for options available in your area.

What suspension systems are available?

12.7mm tubular rod suspensions or 1mm stainless steel wire suspension systems are available.

What diffuser options are available?

Some products are available with clear or opal diffusers while others have only satin (a.k.a frosted) options. Check the individual product pages for which options are available to each product.

Will I see “dots” from the LED strip?

Most of our profiles are designed to be “dot-free” when using opal or satin diffusers. You will see a nice, homogeneous line of light.

Installation FAQs

How many drivers are required for my installation?

It’s best to consult your local distributor to discuss this as there are many possibilities. It’s best to work this out on a case-by-case basis.

How far away can the driver be located from the light?

This depends on the specifics of your installation, but a general rule of thumb is 8m based on 0.75mm2 multi-stranded cable.

Where do I locate the driver?

Drivers must be accessible in the event of a failure. Possible locations are inside a dedicated cupboard or cabinet, in a ceiling void or hidden within joinery. One central cabinet to house multiple drivers is a good method.

Do I need to use a specific type of cable for wiring?

Yes. Multi-strand cable (such as Tru-rip) must be used for low-voltage wiring. Solid core cable is not suitable for low-voltage applications.

I’m planning a long-run of LED strip. At what intervals do I need to bring a cable into the light?

This depends on the LED strip being used. Low wattage strips can often go as far as 10m before requiring another feed. Higher wattage strips can be as low as 6m, sometimes less.


Can the LED strips be dimmed?

Yes they can. There are many different dimming and control options available. Please check with your local distributor about what options are available.

What colour temperature can I have my LEDs in?

Our standard offer is 2700K super warm white, 3000K warm white or 4000K natural white. Other options are available on request, so please contact your local distributor to find out what is available in your area.

How long will the LEDs last?

Our standard LED offer is rated at 50,000 hours at L70.

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