Our Commitment

Our commitment is to continuously offer new lighting systems that utilise the very latest technology that strip light brings.

Our profiles can be integrated into the detail of the building elements and therefore create wonderful hidden continuous light that accentuates human experience.

Our Management Team

We are a small team of passionate architectural lighting professionals, based in the sunny Hawke’s Bay in the North Island of New Zealand.

Dennis Rowe

P.+64 (0) 275 427 126
E. dennis@offspringprofiles.co.nz

Dennis Rowe is one of New Zealand’s most experienced and successful architectural lighting designers. He has specialised in profile lighting systems his entire career and has a wealth of knowledge that leads Offspring Profiles to create and market a truly innovative and professional range of products.

Dennis has a passion for offering NZ designed and manufactured lighting systems that seamlessly integrate into building structures. A major focus for Dennis is calling on the market internationally, particularly in the regions where Offspring Profiles is partnering a variety of lighting companies who are all excited about the future with a company with a clear vision of what they do.

Robin Campbell

P.+64 (0) 21 040 1914
E. robin@offspringprofiles.co.nz

Robin Campbell began working in architectural lighting in 2006 after completing a degree in Industrial Design. With more than 10 years in lighting, Robin has been involved with extruded lighting systems since day one.

Robin’s main focus at Offspring Profiles is turning lighting concepts into a reality. Continual product development and design are an integral part of Offspring Profiles’s core values which ensure Offspring Profiles is at the forefront of extruded LED technology.

When Robin isn’t designing and developing new lights, he’s putting his design experience into running the marketing side of the business.

Lynette Rowe

P.+64 (0) 6 843 9380
E. lynette@offspringprofiles.co.nz

Lynette Rowe brings a wealth of business and finance experience to Offspring Profiles. Coupled with 10 years in architectural lighting, Lynette is a brilliant manager and oversees the operational aspects of Offspring Profiles.

Providing excellent service to our distributors is the key to our success. An appreciation for our design philosophies keeps Lynette motivated towards our Company goals as the challenges of a growth business are presented.

Lynette is a skilful problem solver and enjoys setting up systems to continually improve efficiencies.

Let your imagination run wild
and we will take care of the rest

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